How Courtney Spritzer of Social Fly and Entreprenista, Owns It

Hi and welcome to the OWN IT podcast, where we celebrate the growing number of (women and non-binary) ad agency owners and talk about buying out of the boys’ club of advertising, one agency at a time.  Today I’m talking to Courtney Spritzer of Social Fly and the Entreprenista community. People with a background in insurance and finance don’t typically find themselves starting a marketing agency, but Courtney did. She and her business partner launched Social Fly in the thick of the social media explosion of the early 2000-teens. After several years of entrepreneurship, they launched the Entreprenista podcast, now community, which supports women entrepreneurs. As you can imagine the overlap in work and interests got me excited to learn more from Courtney. And I did. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the conversations, too. Thanks for listening to this episode of OWN IT. To join the league and listen to her podcast, visit To find out more about Social Fly, find them online at (Social Fly N-Y-C dot com). You should also connect with Courtney on LinkedIn. If you’re enjoying Own It, please subscribe, then rate and share it on your podcast service of choice. Also, if you’re a female or non-binary agency owner, or you want to own an agency someday, join our growing community at


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