Episode 100: Christy Hiler and Jeanne Freeman Look Back on Two Years of Own It

Today, we are celebrating a milestone. This is the 100th episode of Own It! And what a journey it has been. Today we welcome back the co-founder of the Own It effort and our first guest way back in episode one, Jean Freeman from Zambezi. We wanted to look back on the last two years of conversations and progress, recap the amazing Own It Summit we just finished in New York, and talk about what’s next for our efforts to close the gender gap in advertising agency ownership. We focus on the individual guests on this show, so today we’re going to pull back a bit and talk a bit more holistically about our energies, our progress and our plans. You’re in for a little change of pace today topically, but a fun and energizing conversation to keep us all moving forward. Thanks for listening to this, the 100th episode of OWN IT with Jean Freeman from Zambezi. You can find links to her LinkedIn profile and the agency website in our show notes at untilyouownit.com.  If you’re enjoying Own It, please find it on your favorite podcast app and drop us a rating and review. Those help more people discover the show and join our community.  Also, if you’re a female or non-binary agency owner, or you want to own an agency someday, join our growing community at that same address … untilyouownit.com.


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