How Ruth Bernstein of Yard NYC, Owns It

Hi and welcome to the OWN IT podcast, where we celebrate the growing number of (women and non-binary) ad agency owners and talk about buying out of the boys’ club of advertising, one agency at a time.  Today, we’re talking to Ruth Bernstein of Yard NYC. Ruth came from the brand side of the business before landing one of the most interesting and exciting jobs I can think of … she was the brand guardian for Sundance, working for Robert Redford, who she calls “Bob.” She told us that story and explained how her experiences led to starting Yard NYC with her husband. Right off the bat, I knew Ruth and I were soul sisters. She’s not only an agency owner who works with her husband. She is a mom and a sister and a soul searcher. As we dove into the issue of the gender gap in agency ownership, she shared some really sound advice for when you take that leap and how to model yourself to ensure others are inspired to.  I’m so excited to share this with you. Thanks for listening to this episode of OWN IT with Ruth Bernstein of Yard NYC. Learn more about the agency at Be sure to connect with Ruth on LinkedIn as well.   If you’re enjoying Own It, please subscribe, then rate and share it on your podcast service of choice. Also, if you’re a female or non-binary agency owner, or you want to own an agency someday, join our growing community at


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