ENCORE: How Carol Williams of Carol H. Williams Advertising, Owns It

Today, we are truly honored to learn from Carol Williams. She is perhaps most commonly known as the first African-American female creative director and vice-president in the advertising business. She accomplished that at Leo Burnett in Chicago in the early 1980s.  But she is more deeply known as a tireless pioneer and change agent, who has worked tirelessly to level the playing field in advertising for women and African-Americans, both in the industry and in our creative outputs. She assumed agency ownership in 1986. Carol H. Williams Advertising continues to be a beacon of great work, great people and great purpose in our industry. What an honor to have her share her path to ownership with us today. Learn more about her agency, its purpose and its people at carolhwilliams.com. Be sure to connect with Mrs. Williams on LinkedIn, too.   If you’re enjoying Own It, please subscribe, then rate and share it on your podcast service of choice. Also, if you’re a female or non-binary agency owner, or you want to own an agency someday, join our growing community at untilyouownit.com.


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