ENCORE: How Libby Brockhoff of Odysseus Arms, Owns It

We're airing an encore presentation of OWN IT today in honor of a recent accomplishment by Libby Brockhoff from Odysseus Arms. We talked to her first almost one year ago about her path to ownership which included a stint working for James Patterson, some of the biggest agencies in the world, then founding Mother. That firm just recently won the D&AD President's Award! Libby since moved on to found Odysseus Arms with her husband and partner. Enjoy our revisit with one of the true visionary agency leaders today on the show. You can find Odysseus Arms' amazing work online at O hyphen Arms dot com (o-arms.com). And be sure to connect with Libby on LinkedIn.  If you’re enjoying Own It, please subscribe, then rate and share it on your podcast service of choice. Also, if you’re a female or non-binary agency owner, or you want to own an agency someday, join our growing community at untilyouownit.com. I’m Christy Hiler. We’ll talk again soon … On Own It!


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